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The cloud classroom

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"Learning is the way of life, civilization development, consolidate the party ladder base, national prosperity to". Pointed out that the nineteen report, to enhance the ruling ability of our party, both strong political will, ability. To create a strong atmosphere of learning and practice in the party, the construction of Marxist learning party Marx, to promote the construction of learning power. to fully implement the new era of the construction of the Party General requirements, help the local units to implement the nineteen spirit, earnestly propaganda and ideological work and study training work, strengthen the ruling. The people of Mu for government agencies, enterprises and institutions to develop and launch package customized combination course covers people mu of the curriculum for the students to learn online at the same time.
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A variety of subject curriculum packages
  • Theme party package

    Follow the spirit of the central politics hot analysis

  • The public opinion course package public opinion data center expert instructors certified public opinion analyst certificate

  • Our school curriculum packages

    Tell a good story Chinese, enhance the national cultural soft power

  • Free customized curriculum packages

    The training system of customized course, meet different online training needs

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The people of cloud

The exclusive online learning platform

"People cloud academy" for people with partners to build mu online learning platform, relying on party media platform, combined with social resources, cooperation with enterprises and institutions, and industry cooperation, common development of professional courses, to create a more comprehensive learning education system.
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    School of storage space

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    Provide the course record and edit

  • Platform

    Platform development, customization system development

  • Daily Operation

    System maintenance, upload course

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Do not forget the early heart remember the new mission of | enterprise party construction standard

The case | national grid Party School

Tell a good story China | make the world a better understanding of China

Case | country craftsman school

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The Mu class cadres to become the new media literacy, public opinion online classes, become the carrier of socialist core values and China culture copyright, without written authorization is prohibited

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